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Lorna Rae: Lingerie, Nightwear, Bras, Briefs and Camisoles in Applecross, Perth, WA

Lorna Rae is a specialty lingerie boutique located in Perth, Western Australia. The essence of Lorna Rae is exquisite designer lingerie that will help you capture your unique sensuality and passion.

Lorna Rae’s lingerie is about class. It is about style. It is about unleashing your irresistibly seductive mystique. Caress your skin with the finest of fabrics from beautiful and elegant lingerie created by the world’s most desirable designers.

Relationships are imperative to Lorna Rae, as your personalised lingerie and bra technician she will help you to nurture your enigmatic and alluring inner temptress. Lorna Rae’s focus is on offering you a luxurious and sensual journey that reflects your beautiful individuality and fulfils your most decadently secret desires.

To compliment our beautiful and practical selection of romantic and tantalising lingerie Lorna Rae’s offers bra fitting courses as well as your very own, completely private, after-hours, fitting, modelling and shopping experience. Bring your partner, your girlfriends, or even your mother, and have them share in the fun while you all select lingerie that will both thrill and inspire.

Creating true sensuality requires an intimate knowledge of drama, atmosphere and beauty.

Discover elegance and glamour with Lorna Rae’s exclusive and personalised service.

Passion is essential. Email us today at and let Lorna Rae help you to kindle the flames of mystery and intrigue.